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Cabo San Lucas Charters

Easy Online Cabo sport fishing Charters reservations:

1-Just visit our Home page, take a look at our Fleet, and vessels detailed there.
Pick the vessel you want to fish, and make your paypal secure deposit with the Paypal link provided on each  vessel.

You can either pay just the deposit or pay the charter in Full and not have any worries once in Cabo San Lucas.
2- Fill out the Online charter reservations form with dates and the number of passengers and you're all set.
You will receive a Charter confirmation email confirming all details within 48 hours.
All your contact information and details of your Los Cabos fishing trip will be emailed to you.
"Let's go Fishing"
Thank you 

Full selection of Shimano and Penn reels matched to custom rods, complete array of fishing and navigational electronics, custom live bait system, sound system, spacious head, full galley, and all the yacht furnishings.
These experienced crew has fished these waters their whole lives and will put you on the ocean in style and comfort.

Captain and experienced Mate, all fishing tackle and equipment. All Drinks : Beer, water, sodas, a large cooler with purified ice, plus our crew will do complimentary cleaning and bagging of your catches.
You have paypal security behind your investment.
When you make your reservation to charter any boat, we require a deposit per day for each day that you have reserved the boat. This deposit reserves the boat, crew, fuel, and tackle for the entire period of your Cabo sportfishing charter. Your charter cost is locked in.
Not to mention with gas cost rising, the deposit will secure and guarantee your charter day and price to be locked in until the charter date arrives. Refunds will be given upon 72 hours notice prior to the charter date.
Gas and dock prices continue to rise so we strongly recommend you make a deposit on your fishing or pleasure charter to lock in your price and available dates.
We use Paypal to secure all transactions and guarantees. You may use the following button to pay for required deposits.

When you make your reservation to charter any boat, we require a deposit per day for each day that you have reserved the boat. This deposit reserves the boat, crew, fuel, and tackle for the entire period of your Cabo sport fishing charter.
Not to mention with gas cost raising the deposit will secure and guarantee your charter day and Price to be locked in until the charter date arrives. Refunds will be given upon 72 hours notice prior to the charter date.

Please enjoy your adventure!

Cabo San Lucas Charters, LLC.

Whether you’re on a search for Cabo fishing trips, marlin fishing Cabo San Lucas, or just relaxing Cabo San Lucas Charters offers a wide variety of cruisers suited to fit any budget or sport-fishing plan.  Some of our fishing cruisers range from 26-feet with a 4-person maximum at the cost of $470 per day to gigantic 76-foot cruisers with an 8-person maximum at the cost of $4,000 per day.  The amenities on these chartered boats offer air-conditioned galleries with state-of-the-art electronics, music, and cuisine, depending on which boat you decide upon.  All coming with knowledgeable captains and hospitable crews.

Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing

There are many options from Cabo Sport Fishing Charters, such as their 25-foot Pangas to their 32-foot cruisers.  Their crew is friendly and the boats are fully stocked with everything you need, no matter how long you plan to enjoy your stay.  Cabo San Lucas Charters is certainly a charter company worth putting the effort and time into, every time. With the largest repeat clientele in Cabo San Lucas, that makes us #1.

Cabo San Lucas sport fishing adventure, Captain, and 1 companion.

What you will need?

A great attitude, some luck from the King Neptune, and most important your favorite sun block.

You will also need to purchase a Mexican fishing license per day, or for the year, for everyone taking part in the fishing on the boat.

Licenses are mandatory and can/ will be purchased before leaving at the department of fish and game located in the Marina.

Please feel free to bring any extra foods or snacks you would like... including extra beer, water and sodas you can bring along or buy at the local store in the morning.

We supply everything else.

SizePassengerCost per day1/2 DayDeposit
22Ft Super Panga3 Max$350.00 (Per 8 Hrs.)$150.00
24Ft Angler4 max$450.00 (Per 8 hrs)-$170.00
28Ft San Lucas IV$650.00$ 280.00
28Ft San Lucas V$650.00$ 280.00
28Ft Dragon$650.00$ 280.00
31Ft GD4 Max$1.150.00$400.00
31Ft Rosa del Mar Betram6 Max$700.00-$350.00
35Ft Game On$1,300$ 400
37FT Go Deeper$ 1,650.00
38Ft Dona Meche6 Max$1,200.00-$400.00
50Ft Viking Yacht “F"8 Max$3,000.00$2,100.00$800.00
54Ft Big "T"8 Max$2,600.00$2,100.00$700.00
54Ft Bad Company8 Max$2,800.00$1,800.00$800.00
54Ft Ohana Yacht$1,200.00$600.00
60Ft. Mikelson Yacht  “A”8 Max$3,200.00$2,500.00$800.00
61Ft. Viking Yacht “G”8 Max$3,200.00$2,500.00$800.00
64 ft. Bull Rider8 Max$ 3,000.00$ 800
70Ft La Salsa10 Max$4200.00 (Per 8 hrs.)$3,200.00$950.00
70Ft M Salsa12 Max$4,100.00-$1,200.00
72Ft La Atrevida12 Max$4,000.00$2,500.00$950.00
83Ft Kahuna12 Max$6000.00 (Per 8 Hrs.)$4,200.00$ 800

Must be received a minimum of 72 hours prior to date of charter, or cancellation can not be accepted. A minimum charge will apply. Cancellations received in time will have a minimum booking fee of 33% applied due to dates and space can not be sold to others clients and we loose money.

We will contact you to confirm your reservation prior to requesting a deposit.
USA TOLL FREE NUMBER IS 1-619-251-2910

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64Ft. Bull Rider

Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing
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Cabo San Lucas fishing is renowned for its incredible fishing opportunities, attracting anglers from all over the world. With its pristine waters and abundant marine life, Cabo San Lucas fishing Charters offers Cabo San Lucas a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. From deep sea fishing Cabo to targeting specific species like rooster fish in Cabo and marlin fishing Cabo San Lucas, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to Cabo fishing charter prices.

To make the most of your fishing adventure deep sea fishing Cabo San Lucas, it's advisable to book one of the reputable Los Cabos fishing charters. These charters provide expert guides and well-equipped boats, ensuring a memorable and successful fishing Cabo. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, Cabo San Lucas fishing charters cater to all skill levels and offer a variety of packages to suit your preferences. We target Marlin, Tuna, roosterfish, Mahi mahi and wahoo are the main species in Cabo.

Another sought-after species in the waters of Cabo is the rooster fish Cabo, and Marlin fishing Cabo. Known for their distinct appearance and spirited fights, rooster fish are a favorite among anglers. Cabo San Lucas offers excellent opportunities to target these prized gamefish, and experienced captains and crew on Cabo fishing charters can guide you to the best spots for a chance to land a trophy-sized rooster fish.

When planning your Los Cabos fishing trip, it's essential to consider the prices of Cabo fishing charters. While there are options available for every budget, it's worth investing in a reputable and experienced charter to ensure a successful and enjoyable day on the water. The best Cabo fishing charters combine affordability with quality service, knowledgeable crew, and well-maintained boats.