Overall Catch has been a consistent and fishing fleet has reported happy Smiles for the New year.

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 35%, Dorado 63%, Tuna 12%, Other 21%

BILLFISH: We had quite a dramatic slowdown on marlin catches this week, down from last week to thirty five percent this week. Now, that is not to say they are not here, they are, but are a little more difficult to catch. On several days this week mobs of boats could be seen in a tightly packed area off of the Old Lighthouse. The reason is the yearly phenomenon of bottom fishing for marlin. This happens over a few weeks when they are down deep, feeding on plentiful bait at lower depths. A great deal of patience is needed and they will come and touch the baits and even mouth them but getting a hook up has not been easy. Other free swimming marlin have been seen close to shore but didn't seem much interested in what was offered either. So just as we start to sound gloomy about the marlin bite, we caught an out of season blue marlin that was around 420 LBS. This vessel was out on December 22nd with anglers from Papillion, Nebraska, Jacob Cockle & Mason Becker aboard and headed up to the Herradura where the huge fish hit a blue & white lure. The fish took them one hour and thirty minutes to leader on 60 LB test line. Another notable catch was that of the Sullivan family from Roswell, Georgia, for releasing four striped marlin up to 120 LBS aboard Yahoo. There were other catches of usually a single marlin and more rarely two or even three. The bite will get better & meantime the dorado are cooperating. Angler caught a total of 33 billfish this week, all but one released.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were pretty consistent if you found the right area which seemed to be a mile from shore in the Migrino to Margaritas area. They took a combination of bait and lures – the smaller ones under 15 LBS were released and those kept were in the 15 to 25 LB class. Catches ranged from one to fifteen, the most for any one boat, which was Pisces Rebecca on December 24th for Jack Sullivan and party from Arkansas. Our total dorado catch was 151 fish. Yellow fin tuna put in a brief appearance if you were dedicated at finding them, but only twelve percent of boats caught up to a half dozen football size fish. A 40 LB mako shark was released aboard Ruthless and inshore there were catches of white skipjack (good eating) as well as black skipjack, a few sierra & one 25 LB wahoo.

LOCATION: Old lighthouse, Migrino, Las Margaritas, Los Arcos, Cerro Del Golden.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Skies finally clear, mostly beautiful weather with calm seas.
BEST LURES: Live bait, yellow/green, red/white, blue/white

Thanksgiving as expected. This past week has been pretty steady for Striped Marlin with great numbers being caught. It seems most are being caught up and around the Light House up to Golden Gate and most fish are being caught on lures and shying away from live bait. We are taking good numbers of Striped Marlin on slow trolled dead Ballyhoo. The Blue Marlin catch hasn’t been that great this past week really nothing like last week where we reported a few Blues over 300lbs. We can say it has been steady for Striped Marlin and there is a good chance you could catch one if you were to make in to Cabo.
And a stable small dorado bite everywhere.

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WATER: Teperatures have been fluxuating a bit from area to area but mostly on the Pacific side we are seeing cooler water which is really normal and nothing out of the ordinary mostly nice blue water out there, which the fish love. Down around Gordo Banks water is about 85 degrees and up around the Pump Station on the Pacific its aroud 80 to 81 degrees. So a slight difference but a little bit.
WEATHER: It cant get any better weather than what we have had over this week. So typical October weather with cooler nights and a light breeze to day time temperatures in the mid to ladder 80,s. Lows in the lower to mid 70,s. Not a lot of wind making irt really good fishing weather and the guys are not getting beat up from the swells. This makes for a much more pleasant fishing experience.
BILLFISHING: Well the Marlin fishing really off the hooks this past week with plenty of marlin for everyone with lots of boats reporting landing 1 to 3 marlin per boat. Most Marlin being landed are up around the Pump Station all the way to Golden Gate. There have been reports of some big Blue Marlin being caught in the 300 to 400lbs range. Just in time for the tournaments. Most all of the good action for Marlin is on the Pacific side and anglers are catching them with lures and pitching live bait. Lots of action mostly concentrated 1 to 4 miles off shore on the pacific side where the water is cooler. It seems the Striped Marlin have been in abundance closer to shore on the Pacific side in the cooler water. I also did hear of a 350lbs Black Marlin caught by another fishing fleet caught on a black and silver lure. Along with all the Marlin the Sailfish have been all over the place also so if you don't catch a Marlin there is a good chance of catching a Sailfish. So the fish of this past week was Billfish with more of them caught this past week than any other species. An great week for fishing in Cabo Marlin everywhere!!!!
BAIT: Bait is the standard 3.00 dollars a piece and there has been plenty around:

DORADO: Literally the Dorado are all over the place we have been knocking them dead. Most of Dorado are on the smaller level but we are seeing lots and lots of 20 to 30 pound fish being caught. The fish are mostly staying tight to shore and hitting cut up skip jacks or chunck ballyhoo. Lures are producing also big time.Its hot on the Pacific side but were catching them all over the place. You should book your trip soon as you will never experience fishing like this it has really been wide open for Dorado and Marlin.

BILLFISH: We again experienced superb catches in Los Cabos this week, despite the port being closed one day due to an approaching storm, which turned out to be nothing more than a day of rain and choppy seas. At this time of year, practically every week there will be some kind of tropical weather off of Mexico, the thing is not to be daunted but to go ahead with fishing plans. Thankfully most of the storms skirt us and this time of year is actually produces some of the best catches. This time our cooler water and air temperatures took the wind right out of the sails of Hurricane Erick and it was downgraded to a tropical storm. Cathces these weeks are endless amounts of Stripped Marlin, Vessels reporting 3 to 5 marlin hook up averages. One of the nicest catches this week was a 172 lb. swordfish; hard to say which is a more elusive catch, the swordfish or spearfish. Anyhow this swordfish was captured

OTHER SPECIES: For sheer numbers nothing could beat the yellow fin tuna this period; our boats hauled in or released a total of 409 with double digit catches common. The weights on the tuna were smallish at 15 to 20 lbs., though we did hear of some 150 lb'ers taken. Pisces Andrea had a total of 32 tuna outside the Herradura, plus a dorado for Yusuro Asaba & Yukihko Ozawa from Kamakura, Japan and Tracy Ann totaled 31 tuna between the Herradura and 95 spot for Doug, Ben & Josh Russel from Las Vegas. Most days the tuna were 25 to 30 miles offshore and took cedar plugs. Although the total count was high for this species, you were more likely to hook up to a marlin; for tuna your odds of catching were forty seven percent. Dorado catches were similar to last week with twenty six percent of our boats catching one or two fish and occasionally up to four with sizes from 15 to 40 lbs. John and Luke Minter from Austin, Texas caught three lovely black sea bass that weighed from 25 to 40 lbs. aboard the panga Gloria, whilst other pangas caught the odd large rooster fish, needlefish and a few snapper.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Port closed July 8th, due to rain and choppy seas, skies then cleared but we had seas on the choppy side most of the week.

LOCATION: Herradura, 95 spot, 11.50 spot, 120 spot, 180, 18 miles from Lands End.


BEST LURES: Live bait, cedar plugs, green/yellow.

WATER: Water has been changing temperatures 5 or 6 degrees from one spot to another. Wind hasn't been bad and and has died out a bit compared to what it was. Some swells 3 to 5 feet on the pacific and 1 to 3 feet on the Sea of Cortez side.
WEATHER: The weather has gotten hotter and the wind has calmed a bit. Temperatures are in the mid to ladder 90,s but we have had some days over 100 degrees. It looks like summer is setting in and its going to warm the water up and make for some better fishing.
BILLFISHING: Well the big weekend is upon us and lots of people are here for Memorial Day weekend. The weather is great and would be a good time to come down and book a boat to go Sport fishing.
This week started out really good with lots of Marlin from the 1150 to the 95. Marlin fishing was good this week even though we had a big moon which affect the bite, however some of our best fishing is when the moon is full. Off of Chileno about 2 miles we were running into some Marlin using live bait, ballyhoo and lures.
Multiple Marlin hook ups have been very consistent thru out.
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Our boats did hook some Billfish about every day we went out this week. A couple days were kind of slow as it looks as if the Marlin were full of squid. The water temperature is still changing 5 or 6 degrees from area to another. A couple Marlin we caught were in the 140 to 150 pound range and by the end of the week the Marlin fishing had slacked off a bit.
BAIT: Bait is the standard 3.00 dollars a piece and there has been plenty around. DORADO: There was some action Dorado in some of the same areas we were catching Marlin. Most of the Dorado being caught were smaller ones12 to 20 pounds.
INSHORE: Some Sierras caught from the Solmar up to the Pump Station and taken on hootchies. Reports of some Roosterfish being taken in front of the Pedregal and the Light House all taken on live bait. Some Yellowtail still being caught on Rapalas and around Margaritas the is Red Snapper landed in the rocks with live bait. You have to be careful for waves in that area if you are close to shore.
TUNA: Havent heard of any Tuna being caught this week
WAHOO: Not to many this past week.


Ideal weather conditions are attracting tourists to Los Cabos, while parts of the United States are still experiencing winter like storms, crazy patterns for sure, makes this a great time to head south for a vacation in paradise, with warm sunshine. Winds have been light and anglers enjoyed great offshore conditions, ocean water temperatures are back on a warming trend in the direction of San Jose del Cabo and towards Vinorama, now up to 75 degrees, while off of Cabo San Lucas and around the corner on the Pacific temperatures are in the 60s. For this reason the majority of sportfishing fleets are fishing in the direction of Gordo Banks and to the north.

Bait sources have consisted of caballito, jurelito, moonfish, chihuil, skipjack and bolito, no sardinas, as these baitfish are not within range at this time. Chihuil has been the most productive offshore bait, they have been found schooling on the Inner Gordo Bank and are being jigging up on sabiki rigs at first light, for sale by the commercial fleet on a limited basis.

Striped marlin action had been spread out more, no concentrations, though in recent days the Desteladera Bank has come alive and charters were accounting for multiple billfish days, two, three or more fish per boat, as the marlin were schooling up in this area where baitfish have been abundant, reports of the billfish feeding on squid. The fish were striking lures, as well as dropped back or cast bait, average size striper was in the 90 to 130 lb. range. Dorado were less numerous, but we have seen more of them showing up in the warmer waters, particularly closer to shore where they could be seen chasing schools of ballyhoo, for the few that were caught, most were in the 10 to 15 pounds class. Only a few wahoo reports heard, we do expect these elusive fish to become more active now that the water is reaching closer to their preferred zone and there is also plenty of food sources to help lure them in. We are now on the full moon phase, things can be more unpredictable, anything could happen from day to day, the way conditions are really shaping up. No yellowfin tuna action being reported locally, you would expect that we should start to see some more reports of migrating porpoise holding tuna schools traveling offshore, perhaps the next couple of weeks this will develop.

Yellowtail action tapered off compared to how red hot it had been last week, these jacks were found close to shore, mixed in where roosterfish up to 30 lb. were also encountered, but larger schools of yellowtail in the 25 to 35.lb. range were being hooked into off of the Gordo Banks, live chihuil for bait was the most productive, the yellows did not want to strike the yo-yo jigs, preferring the deep drifted baitfish. Sea lions have been a factor on the banks, spooking both the baitfish and the yellowtail. The warmer water can cause lock jaw on these fish as well, which do prefer cooler currents.

A mix of bonito, amberjack, huachinango (red snapper) and leopard grouper (cabrilla) have rounded out the structure action and inshore there were sierra, jack crevalle and roosterfish. So all around the options have been producing a mixed bag of species and this should be the same deal in the coming weeks. Anything can happen from day to day, conditions are now very favorable.

Surprisingly there were still quite a few numbers of whales in the area, mostly humpbacks, surely they will be migrating north soon.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 70 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 28 striped marlin, 2 wahoo, 90 yellowtail, 10 amberjack, 76 dorado,13 sierra, 24 huachinago, 44 bonito, 22 cabrilla, 32 roosterfish, 28 jack crevalle and 7 mako shark


Weather has been very consistent blues Skies and an average of 80 to 90 degree range with a wonderful pacific wind coming in at 10 to 15knotts.

Nothing but blues skies.

Cabosanlucascharters.com fleet reporting 4 to 10 Daily marlin hook ups.

Great Grouper action on the inshore structures and rock’s Grouper weighing in at 20 to 55 pounds.

Striped marlin very abundant. Vessels fishing around 1150 and gorda banks.

Fishing has been very consistent this year. water clarity is here.

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