Fishing Report 10/14/2013

WATER: Teperatures have been fluxuating a bit from area to area but mostly on the Pacific side we are seeing cooler water which is really normal and nothing out of the ordinary mostly nice blue water out there, which the fish love. Down around Gordo Banks water is about 85 degrees and up around the Pump Station on the Pacific its aroud 80 to 81 degrees. So a slight difference but a little bit.
WEATHER: It cant get any better weather than what we have had over this week. So typical October weather with cooler nights and a light breeze to day time temperatures in the mid to ladder 80,s. Lows in the lower to mid 70,s. Not a lot of wind making irt really good fishing weather and the guys are not getting beat up from the swells. This makes for a much more pleasant fishing experience.
BILLFISHING: Well the Marlin fishing really off the hooks this past week with plenty of marlin for everyone with lots of boats reporting landing 1 to 3 marlin per boat. Most Marlin being landed are up around the Pump Station all the way to Golden Gate. There have been reports of some big Blue Marlin being caught in the 300 to 400lbs range. Just in time for the tournaments. Most all of the good action for Marlin is on the Pacific side and anglers are catching them with lures and pitching live bait. Lots of action mostly concentrated 1 to 4 miles off shore on the pacific side where the water is cooler. It seems the Striped Marlin have been in abundance closer to shore on the Pacific side in the cooler water. I also did hear of a 350lbs Black Marlin caught by another fishing fleet caught on a black and silver lure. Along with all the Marlin the Sailfish have been all over the place also so if you don't catch a Marlin there is a good chance of catching a Sailfish. So the fish of this past week was Billfish with more of them caught this past week than any other species. An great week for fishing in Cabo Marlin everywhere!!!!
BAIT: Bait is the standard 3.00 dollars a piece and there has been plenty around:

DORADO: Literally the Dorado are all over the place we have been knocking them dead. Most of Dorado are on the smaller level but we are seeing lots and lots of 20 to 30 pound fish being caught. The fish are mostly staying tight to shore and hitting cut up skip jacks or chunck ballyhoo. Lures are producing also big time.Its hot on the Pacific side but were catching them all over the place. You should book your trip soon as you will never experience fishing like this it has really been wide open for Dorado and Marlin.