Fish Report September 5, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 88%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 88%, Dorado 21%, Tuna 15%, Other 37%
BILLFISH: One of the best weeks of the year for billfish, even though the port was closed for two days due to the proximity of Hurricane Linda. The biggest fish we've seen so far this year was landed off of San Jose aboard a 22 ft. panga Viviana I on September 11th by local angler Carlos Cota Lucero. The huge black marlin weighed in at 765 lbs. and took just two and a half hours to boat. The next day this same location produced another black marlin, caught; this fish was 436 lbs. and took a Chiwilie lure at the Inner Gordo Bank – Early on in the week we had some smaller blue marlins and black Marlins show. Punta Gorda reported on a petrolero lure, as well as a wahoo, dorado and skipjack. Billfish were the most common catch this week, with seventy nine percent of our charters catching big game species. Anglers caught a total of 54 billfish consisting of 18 striped marlin, 32 sailfish and 4 blue marlin.
OTHERSPECIES: This week we did see an improvement on smaller game with twenty one percent of boats landing dorado, however, catches were seldom more than one or two fish and usually no bigger than 15 lbs. Tuna catches were a bit slower at fifteen percent but some of the fish did have some size to them at the 100 lb. plus mark. We also know of a 300 lb. plus tuna caught aboard Fourplay out of La Playita. Wahoo were a blessing this week with catches of this tasty fish quite steady with catches of up to three fish per boat as large as 50 lbs. Inshore triggerfish, grouper and skipjacks were caught. One of the pangas we sent, Tres Marlins, did exceptionally well to release a sailfish and a hammerhead shark and catch eight tuna up to 20 lbs. for William Morris & Frank Brown from Texas.
LOCATION: Boats fished both sides the Pacific and the Cortez, with Punta Gorda producing some of the bigger fish, other locations were Old Lighthouse, Lands' End, 11.50 spot and Pozo de Cota.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Hot and humid, some rain, port closed Sept 8th and 9th, seas calm to moderate.
BEST LURES: Live bait, petrolero, chilwillie, green colors.

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