Fish report 8/13/2014


Its just plain hot. Highs ladder 90,s with lows in the lower 80,s and the humidity is intense. I guess it is to be expected this time of year in Cabo but this is the hottest summer I have felt since I have been in Cabo. Most days are pretty clear with partial clouds and if you look toward the sierras you will see it is cloudy and looks like it has been raining. Well we have a little more than 2 more months of the really hot weather so were about half way through till October and we might get some relieve after the 15th .
WATER: Closer to shore is a bit cooler than offshore and according to Tembreak.
TUNA: The Tuna fishing has been about the same the last few days, as we have been landing some very small Tuna, like football size, and they seem to be hitting cedar plugs and king busters.Great tuna bites around the 30 mile marks, All the Tuna have been caught in the horseshoe area.
BILLFISH: The Big blue marlins have been invading the spots. Many Big blues have been boated in the 250 to 350 lb range.
DORADO: The Dorado fishing has been kinda weird with lots of very small Dorado being caught with some even like 2 to 3lbs with a few to 10 to 12lbs and most are being caught on lures and cut bait. Please if you are catching baby Dorado throw them back for another day. You will be surprised how fast they will grow over a year. If they aren't over 10 pounds you might think about throwing them back.

WAHOO: We did get one Wahoo this week at the San Jamie Banks and it tipped the scales at 40lbs. We landed the fish while we were out looking for Tuna.

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