Come on down and fish with the Top Crews in Cabo

Come on down and fish with the Top Crews in Cabo.

Recap:  1/5/2016 to 1/14/2016

  • Whales Showing up in Numbers!
    Dorado Fishing Strong Now!
    Marlin Action Just Ok !!
    Colder Water Moving in from the North!!
    A Few Roosters Around!
    Tuna Fishing Action not Happening!
    Were Waiting for the Yellowtail!

WEATHER: A couple cloudy windy days but besides that it has been pretty good. Well, we are finally getting some cooler nights and normal temperatures here in Cabo as over the last couple years, it has been warmer than normal and now it seems we are getting back to our normal weather patterns here in the richest fishing grounds in the world. Highs are in their mid to low 80,s and lows are in the ladder 50,s to low 60,s making it great sleeping weather at night. You might need to bring a sweater along for early mornings and evenings just to be on the safe side.

WATER: Colder water has moved into the area and I am sure this will affect our fishing grounds over the next week or so. If you view the Tempbreak map you will see most of our area is 68 to 71 degree water temperatures, and that is a big difference even compared to 2 weeks ago when it was pushing 80. It shouldn't effect Striped Marlin fishing and will definitely draw Yellowtail and more Sierras to the area.

BILLFISH:  Nothing special as far as Marlin fishing goes this past week, just SO SO.Well here is what's up the fishing has been all over the map this week it seems as if we get one really good day and then the next day real slow. The Marlin fishing has been pretty good off the Light House and as far north as Rancho Migrino and most being caught using live bait. It has honestly been a hit and miss for Marlin this past week as I think the colder water temperature is really effecting the fishing now and not just Marlin. It's that time of year what can I say?
DORADO:  Steady Dorado fishing this past week with most boats landing 3 or 4 fish per boat and most were decent sizes. The hot spots for Dorado is up and around Rancho Migrino about a ½ miles off the beach all the way up to Golden Gate using lures, live bait and ballyhoo.
SWORDFISH: Hasn't heard of any caught this week.
WAHOO: I haven't Heard of a lot of Wahoo landed this past week, but we will keep you posted on the any Wahoo action.
TUNA: If you run about 10 miles outside the Golden Gate offshore you will most likely run into some Tuna as there has been reports of Yellowfins being landed. All reports that I have heard of being blind strikes using cedar plugs, king busters and a little on live bait but not lots of fish.
INSHORE: The Pangas inshore is producing SO SO numbers of the Sierras from the Solmar all the way up to the Lighthouse with some Dorado and Red Snapper action also. The Sierra action is nothing like last week though.We also had one boat this week down in the Palmilla area catch 3 nice Rooster fish so really inshore is ok. This has been a crazy year with lots of different species that should be gone but we are still landing them.

Come on down and fish with the Top Crews in Cabo.

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