WEATHER: It has been really nice about every day. The wind has picked up pretty good over the last 3 days, though with some pretty good gusts during the day time and even at night. As I sit and write this report I can hear the wind blowing now. If you were in a small boat over the last 2 or 3 days you will have experienced a pretty rough ride due to windy conditions. The actual temperatures are really great with highs in the ladder 80, is too low 90, so in the day time and cooling off pretty good at night down into the mid 60,s.

WATER: With the windy conditions the water has been pretty wild with some rough seas on the pacific side and of course on the Sea of Cortez its been calmer, but due to the windy conditions its rough out there. Still quite the contrast in water temperatures from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez. All warm water on the Cortez side and cold water on the Pacific side. It is 69 degrees up above the Finger Bank on the Pacific side and on the Cortez side it is pushing 72 degrees.

BILLFISH: The Marlin fishing has been pretty steady and it seems the Marlin have moved down towards San Jose closer to the Sea of Cortez.

What we are seeing is many of the Marlin are full of squid as there is an abundance in the water. So we have been just pitching live bait at them till we find the right one to take the bait. All boats have been fishing about everyday and we have been pretty consistent this past week and we landed about 18 total and had one day where we did catch 7.

DORADO: Wish I could give some good information the Dorado fishing but there hasn't been any good news as of lately, so I am just telling you like it is and that is pretty bad right now, but you never know when that can turn around and we will get back into the Dorado action.

WAHOO: Pretty good week for the Wahoo from the Light House to Migrino on jet heads and rapalas.

TUNA: Some action on Tuna but its basically a hit and miss as we really don't know when we will run into a school, but they are around somewhat as there has been reports of a lot of football size fish and some up to 30 to 40lbs.

INSHORE: Grouper fishing action in close to shore has been pretty good over the last week, if you use cut bait at about 250ft on the rock piles, you will have a good chance of landing something. You have to have some pretty good electronics to have any decent luck but there is some good action to be had. In the same area you will probably hook into some Snappers and Sheepheads also. They are being caught from the Solmar to the Light House and also in the same area as the Grouper are the Sierra and it's pretty wide open for them if you're using hootchies.

From The Admirals Kitchen!!
Baja Sierra Ceviche Recipe!

The first time I made ceviche, I was amazed. I could actually see the lemon and lime juice turning the color of the fish from translucent pink to opaque white. The acid from the limes and lemons change the structure of the proteins in the fish, essentially "cooking" the fish without using heat. I love ceviche rolled up in a freshly cooked, still warm corn tortilla with lettuce and salsa.