Water cooled to 73 to 75 degrees which is boosting the Sierra numbers and making for some good inshore fishing. It seems even on the Sea of Cortez side the water is colder than it was a week ago. Pretty much our whole fishing grounds now we are seeing water temperatures drop to lower to mid 70,s. This link which will show you water temperatures for the southern half of Baja.
BILLFISH: Good numbers of Marlin caught through out the fleet. Most being landed on live bait and lures from the Light House to Migrino. It has kinda been hit and miss for Marlin and now we see the Dorado fishing is getting good again. So we always have some sort of fishing action in Cabo whether its Billfish or Wahoo the area is rich with sea life. We are lucky!!!!
DORADO: The Dorado are here in good numbers again as we are on a full moon and the fishing has got really good again!!!! It just goes to show you when you think you have figured it out with the moon phases it changes on you. The fish being landed are not only in abundance but they are also good size Dorado!!! Lots of Dorado and most are 25lb to 40lb and the hot areas are Rancho Migrino working the fish tight to the beach on lures, cut bait and ballyhoo. It has been hard to get the Ballyhoo so you will be lucky to get your hands on some.
WAHOO: Lots of small Wahoo running down riggers, jet heads and rapalas. Still pretty good Wahoo action!! Most on rapalas and jet heads and not real big fish being caught as most are 12lb to 25lbs.
TUNA: A few boats have been running into the Tuna and it seem to be showing up outside of San Jamie Banks about 22 miles out and some of fish running with the Porpoise with lots of Tuna being caught via blind strike with weights in the 12lb to 30lb range. Cedar plugs and king busters are working well in landing the Tuna. Its that time of year where we don't know when and where we are going to run into the Tuna action.!!!
INSHORE: Sierras showing up in good numbers!!!! With a great morning bite and also right before sundown on hootchies and small rapalas. Lots of the Sierras are being landed in front of the Finisterra Hotel. Also keep on the look out for Rooster Fish and Red Snappers. The fishing inshore is still pretty good