WEATHER: Starting to see it cool down some as nights and daytime temperatures have been getting cooler and not as intense as they were. The last couple days especially have been cooler at night with a nice breeze coming in off the Pacific. I think we are seeing some change after a long, hard and long summer, not to mention the hurricane. Highs are in the mid 80,s and lows in the ladder 60,s which is pretty normal for this time of year, but last year it seemed to stay warm all year. Anyway, its pleasant and I think you will all enjoy this weather if you come on down and experience it yourself. We aren't in Buffalo, New York You will appreciate it.
WATER: Warm water still lingering in our area , Up as far north as the Finger Bank and south to Golden Gate and San Jamie banks. Whatever The case that warm water has been good for fishing.
BILLFISH: Well the fishing has been historical and some of the best Ive seen in 23 years in Cabo. The Marlin fishing is just off the hook with lots of Stripped Marlin up on the Pacific side near San Jamie Banks. In the same area there is even mucho Sailfish being landed. Reports of 3 Blue Marlin and 1 Black Marlin also being hooked and released and it seems they are being brought in using live bait, skip jack and lures. We had thought and normally by this time of year the Blues and Blacks have left our area so it's good to still them hanging out in our fishing grounds.
DORADO: The Dorado fishing has been excellent this past week from the Pump House to Rancho Migrino with lots of fish in the 20lb to 30lb pound range being landed and they are being caught on striped bait, rapalas and live bait. In the Sea of Cortez the Dorado fishing has been off the hook also so really the whole of our fishing grounds is producing lots of Dorado.
WAHOO: The Wahoo fishing has been crazy with most of the fish not huge but in the 12lb to 20lb range. Our own Bite Me Bob Marlin boat landed 23 fish and I know this as fact cause it was me on the boat landing the fish. We did have 2 of the Wahoo over 40lb and all the fish were caught on rapalas fast trolled at about 9 knots from the Arch all the way up to the Pump House and about a ½ mile off the beach
TUNA: The Tuna fishing is going nuts with many fish in the 20lb range on average, but there has also been some huge ones caught pushing the scales at 100lb to 180lb respectively and they were brought to Griceldas Smokehouse to be vacuum packed and smoked. That's good eating man!!! The big ones were caught at the doughnut about 18 miles off the beach and they were landed using live bait, flying fish and gummies also using the kite with cedar plugs and lures.
INSHORE: The pangas have been doing really well inshore for Dorado and even the Wahoo fishing has been good tight to the beach. The productive areas are from the Solmar all the way to the Pump House. Some Roosters reported landed in the surf and I did hear reports of a few Grouper and Red Snappers being caught close to shore in about 50ft of water using cut bait.