WEATHER: We have had some really windy conditions in the afternoons and it has been messing with the fishing. As far as the weather and temperatures it has been warm with highs in the mid 80,s and lows in the low to mid 60,s. Cabo really hasn't experienced any sort of winter like we normally do as this year has been really warm all year with a few exceptions but really warm all of December, January, February and so far March also.

WATER: The water temperature has got cold again after last week pockets of warm water came into the area. This has really helped the Sierra and Yellowtail fishing but has hurt the Dorado bite and even the Marlin fishing.

TUNA: Well not much to speak of as far as the Tuna fishing goes right now. I think to find any Tuna right now you would have to run about 30 to 45 miles to be able to possibly run into a school and its really the luck of the draw if you would find them. That time of year!!

BILLFISH: Windy conditions have made for a slower week as far as Billfish are concerned. The pacific side where we have been catching the striped Marlin has been pretty rough due the wind we have been getting. Most boats haven't been going to the Golden Gate because of the wind and conditions but the boats that did venture up there were doing really good. Most of the reports of striped Marlin being caught are with ballyhoo and sardines. The majority of the fleets have been going to the 1150 area for Marlin and catching fish with lures by running theme short and slow trolling ballyhoo. There is fish being caught just not like we have been experiencing the last two weeks.

DORADO: Last week was better for Dorado than this week, it has really been pretty slow and practically no bite right now. The Dorado season seems it has wrapped up and don't expect to much more till the water starts to warm.

INSHORE: The inshore fishing has been up and down this past week with good days and bad days. The Yellowtail between the Solmar and Sunset Beach has been pretty good and producing by jigging iron and down rigging ballyhoo slow trolled. Sierra has been good from the Solmar to the Pump House on stripped bait and hootchies. Off of the Pedregal rocks there has been reports of Red Snapper and Groupers being landed in 40 to 50ft of water on cut bait.

WAHOO: This week really picked up for the Wahoo our fleet alone picked up 5 nice Wahoo from 40lbs to 60lbs. It isn't really the time of year for Wahoo but we got some nice surprises with some good catches this past week.

WEATHER: It hasn't changed much in the last 2 weeks. The weather has been really good over the last week. It has been actually a little warmer than normal for this time of year. There really hasn't been a winter here to speak of with temperatures above average. I would say today it was pushing 85 to 90 degrees in the day time and lows in to the ladder 50,s to mid 60,s
WATER: In the beginning of the week the water temperature was hovering from 69 to 70 degrees and then later in the week it rose all the way up to 75 to 76 degrees making for a Dorado bite this past week. The Dorado bite was really slow last week due to cold water temperatures.
TUNA: The Tuna bite has just been ok, nothing really special, we did find them a couple days last way offshore about 18 to 28 miles out. Most of the fish being caught are 15lbs to 30lbs and are caught using cedar plugs and striker kings. It isn't really good for Tuna right now unless you run way offshore and get lucky to run into a school of fish.
BILLFISH: Well the Striped Marlin fishing has really stayed steady over the last 5 weeks and I am really just not say that as I have expected it to slow at least one week but it really has been good. Most of the action is up around the Golden Gate and we are drifting live bait at about 160ft. We have been making bait up there at the Golden Gate with lots of sardines on lucky joes and were using them also on Ballyhoo. Very few Marlin being taken on lures or pitching bait as most seem to be deeper. The 1150 and the 95 spots have also had some luck this week on Striped Marlin using some of the same techniques.
DORADO: We did get a some warmer water roll into the area making for a better week for Dorado with a few boats reporting numbers of Dorado. There wasn't hardly any caught last week so this is welcome news to us and we hope for a more productive week coming.